• Client
    A company specializing in the import of the most authentic and distinctive wines from little-known but promising regions of Europe to Ukraine.

    The company's mission is to "expand the wine horizons" — to introduce Ukrainians to the most original wines of Europe: expand the range of already known regions and reveal the unknown ones as well.

    Why Roots?
    Because the company stands firmly on the ground: they are aware of the high-quality winemaking traditions & respect the classic grape varieties and wine regions. And at the same time, boldly look forward to new, promising grape varieties, growing but ambitious wine areas. 

  • Concept
    Roots is a brand that makes a meticulous selection of authentic quality wines from different parts throughout Europe to sell it to Ukrainian restaurants. One leading quality about this business ⟶ it centralizes many of these wine brands into one archive along with a lot of useful information about them this collection of wine brands and the know-how springs out of one root. We took that root metaphor and applied it throughout the style.

  • Project Team 
    Creative Directors – Boris Alexandrov & Anna Alexandrova 
    Project Manager – Daria Svidchenko

    Art Director – Elena Parhisenko
    Graphic Designers – Pose RaduServer Terlekchi
    Copywriter – Dimitry Panasiuk 

    3D ​​​​​​​

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