Undaily Bread

  • An approach to the biggest hunger crisis in Venezuela’s history, shot through the eyes of Gregg Segal. This is a photographic collection that aims to bring awareness about the needs Venezuelan mothers and children face during their exile journey.
  • Refugee Portraits:
  • Making-of Undaily Bread:
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    Chief Creative Officer: Camilo Carvajal
    Creative Directors: Juan Afanador / Anderson Quiroga
    Copywriter: Jose Racioppi / Anderson Quiroga / Pablo Gaitan
    Art Directors: William Neuta / Juan Afanador
    Video Producer: Mambo Cine / Santiago Diáz Vence
    Photography Production: Salvación studio
    Photographer: Greeg Segal
    Video Post: Inhaus Studio
    Editor: Katherine Garcia
    Sound Studio: Laika