• In October 2019 the Universidad de Monterrey launched its new institutional magazine 360 UDEM, a versatile and dynamic project that has the objective of generating interaction around the cultural, technological, societal and innovation topics that move our society nowadays.

    Incorporating the dynamic spirit of the magazine, several interventions to the public space of the university (BTL) were designed to motivate the participation of students and collaborators around campus and during the launching ceremony.

    For the the BTL campaign fragments of the magazine’s chapters were brought into the campus, taking extracts of articles, promotionals, poems and manifestos within it. These extracts were shown to the public in the form of structures located in several parts of the campus, from restrooms to a big staircase in one of the most iconic buildings of the university, with the purpose of inviting the student to think and question themselves about their everyday topics. Similarly, theses extracts were placed around campus in the form of bulkheads inviting the future reading in the form of volumetric routes.

    Considering the different audiences of the university, different ways of communicating were designed to target those who actively participate as well as those who don’t. With the intention of surprising students in unexpected ways, structures that play with projections of light and shadows over typography were constructed in order to project a message that the community would read on the ground. 

    A volumetric structure like a tómbola was constructed, which invites students to answer the question: If you had the opportunity of traveling in time, would you choose going to the past, staying in the present, or going to the future? Introducing colored spheres which represent  the present, past and future. With the entrance ticket to the launch event, all the participants had the right to introduce balls inside the containers (numbers), answering the question. At the end of the even the containers were filled with colored plastic balls.

    Playing with different materials, surfaces, structures and shadows the message of taking risks, questioning oneself and being aware of current topics was transmitted. One of the main objectives of the magazine was accomplished: to generate conversation.

    We created a BTL campaign to bring the magazine 360º UDEM to the everyday context of its readers, creating a presence and a positioning previous to its launch.

    Erika Múzquiz
    Julián Iñiguez