• List Lab – new player on the market of in-vitro diagnostics
    Laboratory diagnostics

    Brand name

    In 2019 a new company with big ambitions enters the market of laboratory in-vitro diagnostics. Eurasian Pipeline Consortium makes a new market entry with its new federal chain of diagnostics centers later called List Lab. The company wants to become a leader in Russia and form a culture of timely diagnostics and preventative medicine.

    List Lab understands the social role of its services amid the dynamic and highly competitive market of diagnostics and healthcare in Russia, so the company comissioned us to work on its new brand creation.

    Connecting brand with the business strategy​​​​​​​

    Healthy lifestyle has been a trend for a while now. Today people live longer, work longer and have to take better care of them selves. A big part of it is taking medical exams and check-ups from early on, not only when sick but also to prevent sickness.
  • Brand positioning

    We were trusted to create a brand platform for a new federal chain of in-vitro diagnostics. The slogan of the Vision and Mission of List Lab became “New standard of trust”. Brand-promise of the company – high quality of service and guarantee of results accuracy.

    To become #1 choice and to form health culture nationwide

    To become a trustworthy and reliable institution for health, social and business sectors by bringing innovation in services and technologies

  • Brand name

    The mother company and key investor is also the owner of Russian video-hosting service RuTube and entertainment platform List. The client’s strategy was to integrate the new lab diagnostics company into the existing brand architecture of List.

    So we recommended to name the company “List Lab”, which connects it with the existing brand and also reflects the business function of the company.

  • Design Concept Description

    Our designers created a unique design concept which represents the brand mission. Red dots in the shape of laboratorial blood sample form a vector pointed to the right. This brand identity reflects the company’s growth and represents its mission: to guide the people, lead the business and develop the healthcare system.

    Dots, that are central to the brand identity, symbolize the precision of diagnostic services based on the most advanced medical technologies.

  • Pattern

    Corporate pattern is constructed by repeating the elements of the brand identity. It can be combined with any of the main brand colors. The pattern is an important visual element of the brand and can be used as an emphasis for advertising, interior design or printed materials.

  • Font

    List Lab’s corporate font is Muller. We suggest using all fonts of Muller system. They can be used both for headlines and largearrays of text.

  • Color

    The principal color of the new brand is red. Red color is the color of strength, energy and leadership. Commonly associated with medicine, red color also points out the social role of the List Lab for the national healthcare.

  • Brand book

    We compiled all guidelines into brand book and created different brand collaterals: from reception desks and doctors white coats to digital world and outdoor advertising.

  • Implementation

    Brand visual identity elements create a flexible style-forming system for different types of brand collaterals and allows List Lab to stand out in a competitive environment.