• Ilu Elu is a celebration of the beauty of life. Under the direction and artisanal craft of the designer Maricarmen Trujillo Muñoz, Ilu Elu creates -through an intertwined dance of color, freedom, and magic- an organic and very human materialization of woven pieces that delight with detail in every one of the pieces that are produced.

    The brand is built around the idea of encounter. Of the reunion that is the combination of materials that are carefully blended with experiences. The brand’s name reveals its essence, musical and luminous, of interlaced syllables with a powerful meaning: Beauty and Life.

    The design is based on the combination of living textures in a natural and radiant color scheme. The dancing waves in free strokes are as much a guide as they are a metaphor, representing the threads of freedom that dance with the sea. These elements build a simple but powerful core that envelops all the expressive possibilities of the brand.​​​​​​​

  • The beauty of life is the heart and inspiration behind Ilu Elu. A beauty that is transformed into unique products where natural materials meet in surprising and infinite combinations. Ilu Elu works with carefully selected organic materials, woven with artfulness and heart by wise hands. Each piece is a unique and vibrant product, like the life that inspires it.

  • Model: Natalia Degetau Bolio.
    Location: Casa Vagantes