Choros by Tiritidis

  • Made by Choros

    Tradition reintroduced, with a twist. When it comes to custom furniture, Tiritidis family has both the background and the experience, as it is one of the oldest brands in the industry.When they approached us for their rebranding, they were determined to change everything. Even the family brand name. That was the beginning of Choros

    The Greek word for space -the extent in all dimensions, in which objects and events occur and have relative position and direction. We incorporated these properties into the identity of the new logo, by creating an ever-transforming set of characters that takes advantage of its flexibility, by rearranging constantly, reappearing in various forms, and redefining areas and shapes. 

    Also, the use of specific papers and printing methods gave us an identity with diversity and character that matches the brand’s new approach and perspective.

    colorplan harvest 270 gr
    colorplan imperial blue 270 gr
    colorplan palegray 135 gr

    Printed Typo-mougos 

    Photography Emmanouil Papadopoulos (Stereosis Photography)