Birthday Party for MARK IS fukuoka momochi

  • MARK IS fukuoka-momochi

    Cliend: MARK IS fukuoka-momochi
    Deliverables: Main visual

    MARK IS Fukuoka-momochi, a large commercial facility in Fukuoka located near the Seaside Momochi Kaihin Park and the Fukuoka Dome, opened in November 2018.  
    A Japanese popular singer-songwriter Motohiro Hata was also made his debut in November. So MARK IS Fukuoka momochi collaborated with him and 1st Birthday Campaign and Xmas Campaign have been held for two consecutive months. 
    LOWORKS produced those main visuals. In the 1st Birthday Campaign , the MARK IS would be as a gift box and the town is crowded with presents from the MARK IS , and at Christmas, the color is the colaboration color Raspberry and the MARK IS gift box made by the anniversary opened. These are a series of works for two campaigns. The main visual was also used for the interior decoration. The cracker three-dimensional, which is also used for key visuals, is placed in the store of main big stairs. Other graphics used from illustration are located everywhere in the store. Let's celebrate the birthday party for MARK IS fukuoka -momochi.