A Mexican Affair

  • A Mexican Affair is a band that celebrates the relationship between Mexico and the United States through a spectacular 1920's-inspired show that fuses boleros, Latin rhythms and classic Mexican music translated to the English language. 

    To represent such fusion, I used two typographic styles that are different in form but can live together. The tension expressed in the stacked typographic composition reflects the romantic and sexual spirit in the songs. The bevel effect is a graphic interpretation of the architectural dimension of the letters found in many of the album covers and billboards from the epoch period of time which inspires the essence of A Mexican Affair.

    Lastly, the deep color red is taken from the classic entertainment paraphernalia; a red curtain, a red carpet, a red velvet chair. At first this may sound 'cheesy', but in combination with the custom typographic logo, it reinforces the word "Affair", and gives a romantic flair to the word "Mexican".
  • The back of the card is an illustrative ArtDeco monogram that helps to communicate the music factor and matches the typography at the front. 
  • To learn more about A Mexican Affair music, please visit https://www.amexicanaffairmusic.com/