• JOI Nutmilk

    JOI is the perfect Nutmilk in seconds. 100% Natural. 100% Nutbase. Preservative-Free.
    The nutbases are a concentrate made of 100% nut content, no junk. All you have to do is add water, blend‘er up, and dramatically throw away all of your nut bags and impostor nut milks. No additives, all the nutrients, just 30 seconds in 3 flavors:

    1. Organic Almond
    2. Cashew
    3. Almond

  • JOI is the fresh alternative to alternative Milks.
    Their nutbases are made of just one ingredient — 100% almonds or cashews. Nothing else. Except hopes and dreams. Unlike nut milk on the shelf: they have 3 to 6 times more nut content; and unlike nut milk you make at home, theirs has no wasted nutrients because they use the whole nut.

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