Rossiya Airlines. New brand concept

  • Background:
    In December 2015 Aeroflot Group announced the unification of its regional airline affiliates Rossiya, Donavia and Orenair under the name Rossiya. We proposed Rossiya Airlines (Russian Airlines) a new brand identity and visual language as a part of their global repositioning strategy after becoming the third largest airline in country. 

    Design concept:
    The design concept "Traditions" was based on embroidery techniques characteristic of different regions of our country. Cross-stitch, stitch, bead embroidery, as well as patchwork technique were encoded using characteristic characters, which, repeating in various combinations, form a pattern system.

    In order to modernize traditional motifs, a pixelation technique is used. The saturation of the design system with geometric shapes and details allows the use of only characteristic lettering without a symbolic part in the logo to avoid oversaturation design system.

    Constructivist stylizations add a graphic pattern, creating a memorable and a unique language of visual brand identity.

    We developed a custom font for the wordmark both in cyrillic and latin. The mark is both stable and energetic thanks to the tilt to the right side. Letters tails were inspired by tailplane's shapes.

    We used 3 colours of Russian flag: white, blue and red as a symbol of remembering the heritage of the airline especially when it's called after the country it's working for.

    Our team also created the brand promise "Rossiya Airlines. Once more reason to fly."