MetaDesign Year of the Rat

  • 好事花生 [hǎo shì huā sheng] is a fun phrase to wish for good things to happen to someone. 
    ​​​​​​​The last two characters mean “peanut” - a common new year snack in China.

  • 盆满钵满  [pén mǎn bó mǎn] wishes the recipient “a basin with endless money” in the year of the rat.

  • Six simple punctuation marks create the face of a rat - the zodiac symbol of the 2020 Chinese new year.

  • Depicting traditional Chinese “fortune sticks”, this method of foretelling involves gently shaking the cup to
    see which sticks fall out. All the sticks are labelled 上上签  [shàng shàng qiān] meaning super good luck
    - predicting only good times ahead.

  • ​​​​​​​A large stylized character of good fortune ‘福’  [Fú] with the blessing 
    ‘福至心灵’ [Fú zhì xīn líng] wishes good fortune comes to you.


  • The rat is running into the Chinese New Year with good fortune, 
    as 滚滚生财 [gǔn gǔn shēng cái] translates to “rolling, rolling, money, money”.

  • Year of the Rat
    Chinese New Year celebrates the start of a fresh lunar year according to the traditional Chinese calendar. Also known
    as ‘Spring Festival’, it is China’s biggest holiday and is often celebrated with families travelling great distances to gather
    for their annual reunion. 

    One of the many traditions during the festival is gifting red paper envelopes filled with money called ‘hong bao’ (red packet).
    This is a collection of 10 hongbao designed by MetaDesign China to celebrate 2020, the year of the Rat. 

    Xin Nian Kuai Le! (Happy New Year!)




    Creative Director: Sally Anderson
    Associate Creative Director: Siuming Leung
    Design Director: GeeHwee Lim
    Designer: Yafei Wang, Charles Wang, Mondo Meng, Jessica Zhu, Momo Xia, Dan Liu, Meiyi Wang
    Photography: Charles Wang, Jessica Zhu