• CASHBACK is a loyalty program from Liberty, one of the biggest banks in Georgia. This program works with a standard cashback logic: You pay at specific merchants and get back part of your payment immediately. For visualizing this process during the launch campaign, we used the shape of Cashback logo in different forms, representing the products at particular merchants, where you could get your money back; including bookshops, pharmacies, bakeries, restaurants and toy stores.

    As a slogan of this campaign, we chose widely known aphorism by the most prominent Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli dated back to XII century - “Whatever you give away, comes back” and changed it slightly by adding the amount of cashback percent offered by merchants.

  • Canapé

  • Cake

  • Book

  • Toy

  • Pill

  • Detail

  • Concept​​​​​​​

  • CGI Breakdown

  • Credits

    Client  CashBack
    Agency  Leavingstone

    Creative Director  Beqa Adamashvili
    Art Director  Sophia Antidze
    Concept Artist  Noshre Darakhvelidze
    3D Artist  Saba Kavtaradze
    Creative Retoucher  Abesalom Kavelashvili 
    Copywriter  Salome Zhvania
    Account Director  Eko Chubinidze
    Account Manager  Khatia Khatiashvili
    Strategy Director  Nino Kuprashvili
    Strategist   Salome Dolidze