EQ3 - Brand Identity Redesign

  • Brand Identity Evolution from A to Z
    Strategy, Visual Identity, Voice, Art Direction


    EQ3 is a Canadian furniture and home goods company. They enlisted Wedge to revive the brand identity and give the organization newfound strategic meaning. As time went by and competitors encroached the market, EQ3 had lost their way.
                  We worked with the company to unearth their true purpose from the strategic bedrock, to land a positioning built on a clear value system based on inclusivity, progressive nature, collaboration, pragmatism, and thoughtfulness - point of view defined as, Canadian by Design.
                   The visual identity is evolved and modernized with a redrawn logomark, a rigid yet modular system for flexibility across various applications from print to digital, a strong voice, and a signature creative direction of photography that brings a fresh breath of Canadian air.

    View the full case study at www.wedge.work
  • Brand Colours 
    Inspired by the natural environment surrounding EQ3's HQ in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - from the sky and water, to the grass and forests, to the sun and sunset, to the official prairie flower.