• A series of metallic sculptures by Arvon studio
    Rame Puro (pure copper)
    Hvítur Ál (white aluminium)
    Ewiger Eisen (eternal iron)

    Year: 2020
    Product designer: Timur Bazaev
    Production: Arvon
    Graphic design, photo: Robert Bazaev

    Materials: Copper, Aluminium, Iron
    Weight (kg):   1,82    0,44    1,26
    Size (mm): L275 x W87 x H8

    The project is inspired by the beauty of metals and their structure. The sculptures are made of copper, aluminium, and iron flat bars with a hand-polished finish. Each object possesses a unique shape that is the result of improvisation.

  • These objects are perceived as interior accessories in terms of the utilitarian aspect and as sculptures within their calm states. Thus, you can use "Rame Puro" as a coaster for a drink, but your sincere passion for a heavy bar of copper will also be sufficient.

  • Graphic design focuses on fundamental properties such as atomic mass and atomic structure.

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