1089 Display™

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  • 1089 Display™
    Available in two different versions:
     1089-1: Feet in first style
     1089-2: Serif was added in the second style

    1089 Display™ Type Specimen
    Limited Edition, 1089 Display Type Specimen newspaper, 10 piece. 
    Printing by Printcenter, Istanbul
    Designed by Hardal Studio, Fatih Hardal
    Size: Paper; 50x70 cm, Folio; 35x50 cm

    ● Mixed vertical angled stress
    ● a b d f h i k m n p q Cut Feet in first style
    ● a b d f h i k m n p q Serif was added in the second style
    ● C G O Q 45 degree angle is used
    ● b c d e f g o p q 45 degree angle is used
    ● R K Straight, flared leg
    ●​​​​​​​ Q y Swash-like tail

    Format: OpenType Features
    Release Date: January 2020
    Version: 1.00
    The 2020 version contains all characters.
    The OpenType format is available in Macintosh and Windows.

    2020 © Hardal Studio Archive, by Fatih Hardal.