EQ3 - NYC Flagship Brand Campaign

  • EQ3

    Brand & NYC Flagship Launch Campaign 

    Featured by Architectural Digest, Man Repeller, Core 77, The New York Post.

    We made New Yorkers stop and listen with a signature move that kicked off the campaign: Turning the flagship on a bustling corner in Manhattan into a 30 ft. impossible-to-ignore billboard. This set the pace for what would be a brand launch that drove an opening weekend with 3X more customers than expected, leading to 10+ new in-store hires to meet demand.
                   The driving campaign concept, Made in Consideration, shares declarative, transparent, and authentic brand statements featuring bold points of view behind the products, the people who make them, and how.
                   A series of artful videos portray product stories and offer a sense of Canadian calm, with sounds recorded directly from nature that surrounded our set in Northern Canada.

    See the full case study at www.wedge.work
  • TEAM
    Client Partner: EQ3
    Design Director: Justin Lortie
    Creative Director: Sarah Di Domenico
    Design/Art Direction Lead: Ariane Leblanc 
    Graphic Designer: Philippe Dionne Bussières
    Writer: Sarah Di Domenico 
    Strategist: Marissa De Miguel
    Producer/Project Manager: Richard Guay 
    Production Support: L'ELOI
    Print Production: Wedge
    Photographer: Mathieu Fortin (L'ELOI)
    Photographer, Editorial Content: Oumayma B. Tanfous (Abovo Management)
    Film Director: Emmanuel Rinfret Mauries
    DOP: Kristof Brandl (L'ELOI)
    Set & Prop Stylist: Evelyn Morin
    Stylist: Fred Gauthier
    HMU: Isabella Forget