Napaholic Coffee

  • HCM is well-known as a bustling city where short and fast nap is going to be familiar with office staffs. Being inspired by business models in big cities such as, Dubai and New York… here’s how the first nap coffee shop (Napaholic) in Saigon started. Napaholic will help customers have a quite and peaceful sleeping space. Besides that, this is a suitable place for everyone, especially students, office workers and professionals… to revitalize energy sources, boost their productivity before coming back to deal with work challenges and daily life-pressure. Come to Napaholic, days of trying to force yourself into uncomfortable positions on the table or on the hard floor will be ended. 
    Located in HCM city centre, this is an ideal place for students and workers spending their precious time for relaxing in a busy working day.

  • With orientation of bringing the best relaxed experiences for people after hard-working days, the place where people can temporarily forget life-pressures to truly relax and freely work on their dreams. We decided to choose the picture of a person is sleeping beside a coffee cup with an peaceful face combine with modern style representing young generation. This is also the target customer that we want to conquer.
    Through the visual image, we want to communicate about a dreamy nap. With love and belief that we shared, Napaholic will become the best place for people who can freely “lose the tie” and fully dive into a relaxed space, inspiring vibe and peaceful moment