• Guardian

    Public Relations and Events

    Agency Branding, Visual Identity System and Logo Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Print Collateral Design, Web Design and Development

    Photo by Austin Bell
  • Guardian is a public relations, events and brand management agency in Atlanta.
    Cherishing the power of wisdom, clarity, and consistency, Guardian is fiercely loyal to their clients and exists to support those advancing good in the world.

    The agency’s President, Rob Forrester, contacted me to build the visual identity system for this new public relations, events and brand management firm.

    The brand mark is built around an icon that is an abstract capital letter “G,” with the “G” being constructed out of a series of geometric shapes that form a human figure holding a shield. The result is an image that reinforces Guardian as a strong protector.

    These basic geometric shapes are then extended across the identity system to create a series of unique abstract icons, representing the firm’s services, as well as a bold and modern geometric background pattern for marketing materials, presentations, and more.

    The slate and cobalt blue colors combine with Sailec, a geometric sans-serif font, to form a system that feels modern and elevated. All of these assets were packaged together in a comprehensive brand guidelines document that spells out usage notes. I also designed a series of marketing pieces and collateral including letterheads, notecards, business cards, report and presentation templates. I also designed and built the firm’s website which features rich video backgrounds and an animated version of the background pattern.
  • The same geometric, abstract logic that forms the basis of the Guardian brand icon was extended to create an entire system of iconography representing the company’s services.
  • Photo by Austin Bell
  • Guardian’s website design weaves together rich video backgrounds, an animated pattern as a background for page call-to-actions, and a set of custom icons for the firm’s services.

    I designed and built the firm’s site’s frontend. The homepage is a long-scrolling experience that introduces the firm by sharing some of their key insights into the current landscape and climate, providing reasons of why people need a public relations, events, and brand management firm today. Each section has a video background that highlights the point. After the research for each problem area is presented, Guardian then details “Our Solutions” for each one.

    At the end of this scrolling experience, the call-to-action area features an animated background version of the brand’s geometric, abstract pattern. This pattern is used across the site for call-to-action areas.

    The brand’s custom icon set for each of the firm’s service types appears on the Our Services page, showing how the geometric shapes and building blocks can extend to create a full range of abstract icons.

  • Photo by Austin Bell
  • Photo by Austin Bell
  • I also designed custom Microsoft Word and Keynote templates for the brand to use in presentations, assessments and reports.