Nudla Typeface

  • Nudla Typeface

    Nudla is a Swiss grotesque (neo-grotesque) with wide proportions. The font was created for Prostorcrew’s identity tasks. In the project’s context, it contrasts the destructive component, as well as systematizes and organizes the visual system.  Equal-width, non-contrast, static with closed apertures, the font’s character is a typical neo-grotesque, simple, clean, and functional. In the context of design tasks, Nudla is a classic in a modern design. This font can be used for short- and medium-length text blocks in both web and print. There are three weights available: thin, regular, and bold. Thin and bold are created for large copy lines, titles, typographic compositions, and posters. Regular is for medium-sized texts of relatively small volume. Nudla Thin available for free. Find your download link further

  • Erohnovich Roma, art-direction
    Elena Kowalski (Glenjan), type design
    Alex Rosh, 3d, motion graphics

    We are happy to inform you that Nudla Thin available