• As a species, we have come so far. We’ve managed to explain mysteries outside our galaxy and within our atoms. Technology, however, has put us in a unique position: we find ourselves drowned in an overabundance of information. We constantly run the risk of losing our ability to connect with our most primal nature, our origins, our natural power.
    The concept for Offterlife is born as a pun on the name of the OFFF Festival. This is the most important and disruptive festival in the creative world, addressing themes of technology, creativity, and design. They hold events all around the globe, with the main headquarters located in Barcelona's Museum of Design.
    We wanted to share the unique adventure that is OFFF through Offfterlife, presenting a world where technology and mysticism can live together. We created a comprehensive experience where the artisanal, handmade, and spiritual coexist with digital and technological processes.
    We created a broad graphic ecosystem for the Offfterlife, capable of expressing both form and depth. This system includes every application that a festival of this size requires, bolstered by an original and expressive typeface. The connecting factor for the whole concept is an iconic element: the mask. 

  • We chose masks for the great symbolic force they hold. They have always been objects that amplify energy, objects that represent both communication skills and the generation of intentions. Instead of covering anything, they are tools for revelation, liberating mirrors, and bridges that stimulate connections.
    It’s not a coincidence that the word persona, with Etruscan and Latin roots, originally meant mask.
    We created Offfterlife’s iconic pieces by following an analysis of the oldest masks on record, with eyes based on the OFFF logo. They were produced in collaboration with the woodworking firm Marbol and were carved out of the wood of a salvaged tree native to the Yucatán region. Using the official mask as a basis, we intervened 65 others for each one of the speakers and participants in the festival. Each intervention was inspired by their styles, work, and personalities.
    We believe that after OFFF nothing is the same. That the union of this playful, uncertain, and even surrealistic future with a past that is primitive and original has one possible result: making us more us, more conscious, and more human.
    After the Offfterlife, nothing is the same.

  • Photography: Chris Milne y Bienal.
    Video: Víctor Sanz.