Domo Neighbourhood Apartments - Brand Identity

  • DOMO
    Brand Identity Design
    Brand Creative Direction
    Editorial Design & Production
    Original Editorial Content

    Domo sets a new standard in real estate where we make the 'know your neighbour' friendly feeling great again, juxtaposed with a high-design standard. 
                  The warm palette and expressive illustration is hit with a refined logomark featuring a custom drawn M. We developed a hyper-local journal featuring original content to introduce tenants to the community around them including an iconic restauranteur, filmmaker Xavier Dolan's wig stylist, and an avant-garde installation artist with a penchant for pastry. We also developed an experience strategy of events from wine tastings to canal-side runs and more, exclusive to residents. 
                  The result is a distinct experience in the category that lead to building occupancy within the first 3 months of go-to-market, and brand expansion across Montreal with new buildings currently in development. 

    Client Partner: Hillpark Capital
    Design Director: Justin Lortie
    Creative Director: Sarah Di Domenico
    Graphic Designer: Philippe Dionne Bussières, Guillaume Vaillancourt, Guillaume Bechon
    Typographer: Guillaume Bechon
    Writer: Sarah Di Domenico 
    Strategist: Marissa De Miguel
    Project Manager: Camille Bertini
    Photography: Alex Blouin, Jodi Heartz, Ali Inay
    Illustration: Catherine Potvin
    Production: Wedge