Pear Campaign & Invitation

  • Pear Campaign & Invitation
    Fall/winter 2010 | for INFOCUS Marketing
  • My director of marketing approached me in September of 2010 with a campaign idea that she wanted me to help oversee. She wanted to send a box of Harry & David pears to our top prospects and clients with a printed insert that had the messaging idea of pairing up with INFOCUS in 2011. 
  • Initial sketch.
    As we began to finalize the concept and work with Harry & David on what we could and couldn't do, I began to conceptualize what I wanted the inserts to look like. This was my initial sketch that I showed my supervisor to gain approval for this visual direction.
  • Single pear sketch.
    I wanted a very open, friendly stylization of the pears. This was the final concept sketch of our "welcoming" pear.
  • Couple pear sketch.
    This was the final concept sketch of our "couple" pears.
  • Single pear, final piece.
    This is one of the final pieces, using the welcome pear. The watercolor illustration was completed in Photoshop.
  • Couple pears, final piece.
    This is another of the final pieces, this time utilizing the pear couple.
  • Event invitation.
    As we were finishing the Harry & David gift campaign, we had started to plan an outreach event to local prospects. We decided to reuse the idea of pairing up with us, quite successfully.
  • Event menu.