• In the UDEM "Academic Excellence" stands out as an educational lifestyle that is built throughout the career while knowledge is acquired.

    For this annual report, the ways to interpret the student experience are highlighted through the tools offered by the university to gain professional growth. Reflection, renewal and culture become fundamental for the students' progress and development.

    The main objective of this lifestyle is to expand knowledge. When advancing in the career and acquiring new knowledge, students are exposed to different challenges and learnings in which they use all the tools that are put at their disposal, with the aim of developing their full potential in the projects. These are represented by the intervened photographs showing future projections that are met day by day at UDEM.

    For the development of the design proposal, the institutional typographic palette of the university was maintained, consisting in New June typography for highlights and titles and Neo Sans typography for texts; creating a variant of the New June Bold typeface with a manual style that relates better to the aesthetics proposed for the book.

    The purpose is to create an orderly, clean and colorful editorial style that represents the different experiences lived in the University; using photographs intervened with illustrations to show relevant or prominent data on each topic that represents their achievements.

    Erika Múzquiz

    Paulina Álvarez
    Zilia Zentella
    Mariela Gómez 

    Mario Campos

    Gabriela Guajardo