Gracias a Dios Agave Gin - Receta Oaxaqueña

  • Gracias a Dios receta Oaxaqueña, an agave based gin that exclusively uses ingredients from the region of Oaxaca. Macerated in 8 botanicals: avocado leaf, juniper, yerba santa, cacao, and tangerine, I designed the label inspired by the authenticity of Oaxacan recipes as a celebration of traditions and land.

    To design it, I went back to my memories when I was a child and remembered being seated in front of my grandmother cooking mole. She had a mirage of very contrasting ingredients; dried chiles, peanuts and fried bread, chocolate and seeds amongst others. I wanted this label to have the same concoction of colors, textures and impact as that mole had on me. 

    The colors. Hues that are seemingly unconnected, but everything perfectly assembled, in harmony with each other and vibrant together. 
    The illustration: handcrafted with patience to reflect the gourmet and humble spirit just as as mole is. A homage of all those masters in sign painting and hand-painted decorations of the region founded in plates, walls, chairs, tables...everywhere.

    This honest and elaborated design solution, is the perfect design language to express the complexity of the gin spirit itself.