Mata Mate - Brand Identity & Packaging refresh

    Brand Identity & Label Design Refresh,
    and Creative Direction of Photography

    Mata Mate is a crisp, sparkling yerba mate tea drink with a wildly caffeinated punch,
    best served ice cold. Brewed in Montreal, inspired by the Berlin rave scene,
    where yerba mate keeps everyone dancing all night long.
                       Wedge was enlisted by the brand's founders to refresh the brand identity and label, based on the original design by illustrator Mathieu Dionne. Mathieu joined our team to refine detail such as the logo and a label more expressive of the product experience, for example: Dancing mate leaves and bubbles evoke its energized and carbonated nature. Photography captures a youthful, summertime spirit with an edge.

  • TEAM
    Client Partner: Beverage of Youth Inc.
    Design Director: Justin Lortie 
    Creative Director: Sarah Di Domenico
    Design Lead: Ariane Leblanc
    Art Direction: Ariane Leblanc
    Graphic Designer: Mathieu Dionne
    Illustration: Mathieu Dionne
    Photograher: Alex Blouin