Experience England Logo Design and Branding

  • Experience England creates and brings to life luxury & unique events and tailor-made tours.  
    They required a truly royal and elegant approach to their brand identity. 

    Clear and professional but with little touches of exuberance.Yes, gold is a tacky colour, due to its appropriation by groups who live in the land that taste forgot. But what else should a crown be made of? They usually are of gold. Few of the British crowns are, but most people wouldn’t realise that. Does it really matter though, when the value of the Crown Jewels is about four billion pounds, we don’t think you can get much more luxurious than that!

    Observing the classical features of form and the golden mean, and yet at the same time not archaic, not over flowery and with very little flourish. This is where we depart from the possibility of veering into the kitsch.

  • Time is money. We don’t like wasting either. Neither do you.  
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