Tezzle – Brand Identity and Marketing Website Design

  • What is Tezzle

    Tezzle provides international technology transfer between a number of countries in Europe and Asia. The largest flow of assets occurs between Russia and China


    The old visual style did not satisfy the management and the business itself, as the association with the brand itself did not meet the expectations and policies of the company


    To develop a new visual style for Tezzle company to integrate it into digital and physical environment

  • Sketches

    After the attributes were approved, we started working on the sketches. At this stage, we worked on simple forms. Having combined the main metaphors with the business, we prepared sketches for further study

  • Typography and Color

    Based on the objectives and general style of the logo, we researched different font families and concluded that the most successful solution was with the Inter UI font family. Also, the colors used in the old logo were faint and not fresh enough. With the renewal of the brand, I wanted to add a richer and fresher color

  • Icons & Illustrations

    As part of the branding task, the task was to develop a set of icons and illustrations to be used for the marketing department and on the website

  • Brand Identity Guideline Stage

    As a final step, we have prepared a guide to use visual identity. Branding is a powerful marketing weapon and the stronger it is, the more important it is to follow the rules of its use

  • Information Architecture

    In the beginning of development of sites we have conducted research and analytical work, have made architecture of the future product, have made a portrait of the user and have worked out prototypes of the future site

  • Visual Design

    We have made several visual styles of the site and conducted testing, where we have identified which style is most suitable for solving the client's business tasks

  • Social Network

    Many companies make the mistake that in developing visual identity, they do not care about the need to develop a visual design of their presence in social networks. We always try to convey this information to company executives and provide the necessary materials for those social networks where the company is represented

  • Credits:
    Client: Tezzle

    brand identity designer - Slava Kislyakov
    ux/ui designer - Maksim Shavkutenko

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