Better Way Farms

  • Rule29 developed the brand for Better Way Farms, a family owned blueberry farm in South Haven, Michigan. As a leader in organic regenerative farming industry, Better Way focuses on plant health by balancing the minerals in the soil to produce organically grown nutritious blueberries, cold-pressed blueberry juice, jam, and more. Our team created everything from the logo to the website to the packaging system to successfully launch the brand into the market. 
  • You BETTER believe it! Rule29 developed a variety of social media assets to reflect the brand’s personality and create genuine excitement for Better Way's products.
  • Better Way Farms offers a better way to grow, eat, and live. Rule29 developed the Better Way website to showcase the company's process and launched the site as the brand started to expand into regional markets.
  • Packaging is more than just how it looks on the shelf. It's about creating a unique, memorable experience for customers. Rule29 developed packaging for BetterWay Farms' entire line of products with playful patterns specifically designed to differentiate the brand from others in the space.
  • One of the best ways to turn stories into action is through stop motion videos. Rule29 created this video as a brand promotion piece for social and online use.