Mystical Beasts: part 1

  • «Mystical beasts» — an extraordinary cycle of paintings in a unique style at the intersection of achievements in the fields of psychology and technology. Each painting is dedicated to a human condition and sensation, reflected in the aesthetics image of a mystical beast.

    G R I F F I N
    «Griffin» is the energy of constructive rage, liberation from the chains of doubts and fear. This is a fast and ultimate dash to the goal!

  • Why «Mystical Beasts»? When the viewer looks at the picture, he automatically «tries» it on himself. It is easier to associate yourself with any animal, especially a fictional one, than with other figures. 

    In this series, everyone can choose their own spiritual beast.

  • O R I E N T A L   D R A G O N
    This is a story about a concentration of attention around a sphere of interest and spiritual progress, an amazing depth of detail that you won’t get tired of looking at because every time you will notice something new and exciting!

  • The design of this dragon and its environment is based on a historical-cultural traditions of the Asian region. I chose this character, because traditional dynamics of its transmission resonates well with the presented state.

  • Working on this picture, most of the time I experimented with posture and gestures. It is important to feel the volume, like a breath in the lungs, and a balance between nervousness from activity and pleasant relaxation, as with friends on a tropical island) Flexibility, lightness and vigorous vivacity in a body in combination with mental control.

  • «Oriental Dragon» is created in two gamma versions. With the image of a «hot summer evening near the azure water», you have already met above, now I invite you to enjoy the picture in the colours of the «breath of autumn over a copper mountain».