Design | Illustration: The Memory Song Project

  • Design | Illustration | Book Binding: The Memory Song Project

    For my BFA thesis, I created a blog called The Memory Song Project as a way to collect anonymous stories about how sensory experiences, in this case songs/music, can bind themselves to our memories and lock their details into our minds for many years past the point of the events we recall. 

    I selected a handful of stories to illustrate and then created a limited run of 4 hardbound books with slipcases in the size and spirit of a vinyl record box set. The limited edition of 4 books are each bound by hand and hot foil stamped and contain my original illustrations. A set of four stickers were created as takeaways at our senior show.

    This project remains an ongoing effort to continue to collect these stories/memories. Please visit the project blog for full details and how you can participate: