Delegated™. Virtual Assistant Platform. Branding.

  • Designed by h3l™

  • Delegated
    Virtual Assistant Digital Platform created for 
    executives at larger companies + entrepreneurs.
  • Work process​​​​​​​
    The first stage of the branding was created using the symbology of the basic elements applied to the digital communication, messages, tasks, etc.
  • R2+
    In the second stage of development we focus on the regular preferences of the target provided for the brief. 
    Travel symbology, global communication, digital banks, etc.
  • R3+
    We direct the final adjustments on the concept of "timeline" and "tracking". We develop icons that represent continuity, intersections and areas represented by the capital letter of the brand.

  • ↳​​​​​​​R
    The branding is inspired in the clean design and developed over the concept of ¨continuity¨. Every formal aspect of the language is a retoric representation of the lines and pauses with order, elegance, sophistication and visual consistence. The global idea of the identity promote the generic and neutral sense to empower the imagination about the experience delegated in the protagonists.​​​​​​​

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