Cerveza Ceiba

  • Ceiba is the Yucatecan craft beer with the most established history, a drink characterized by tradition and inventiveness, by heritage and vision. It is the cure to the heat, the moment of rest, the ideal companion. It is the result of the experience and passion of the Yucatecan land, a land that has managed to make this universal drink its own, creating a beer with a distinct personality. This is a unique recipe, perfect for the area, made with the best ingredients in Yucatan by wise hands imbued with both experience and innovation. 

  • The name of the brand is inspired by the Mayan people’s sacred tree, a symbol of their culture’s worldview. The tree embodies the spiritual realm, that which joins the heavens, the earth and underworld. The name is an homage to these roots. It represents dedication in the selection of ingredients, respect for the tradition of beer, a vision towards future, and the solid and committed artisanal process that results in this unparalleled beer.

  • It’s design is inspired by a combination of the elements of the area’s heraldry, along with textures and colors inspired by Yucatan. The artisanal dedication of the brand is represented by a careful selection of elements that bring a material quality to the design, anchoring it to our world and inviting our senses to enjoy it. The logotype is inspired by vintage labels, reminiscent of the arrival of beer to the peninsula as a recognition of Ceiba’s roots in the region. It represents the four Mayan cardinal points with the four elements of beer: water, wheat, hops, and barley.

  • For the image we generated a logo with strokes that strike a balance between the handmade and the industrial, that represent the workshop of the craft. The image is an exploration of textures created around the ceiba tree: roots, leaves, trunk, and a play between positive and negative spaces that represent the totality of the experience that exists between the everything and nothing of those blacks and whites. A holistic design, a codex that encompasses the secret and the magic of Ceiba.

    En Memoria a Carlos Alfonso Jaime Hereida

  • Photography by Ricardo Torres and Bienal