Instagram - Create Don't Hate Official Posters

  • I was invited by Instagram Design Team to collaborate with illustrations and posters for the “Create Don't Hate” Anti-Bullying International Campaign. I also made the official Stories Sticker of the Instagram app in the battle against online and offline bullying. The reach of this campaign was 1 billion people. 

    Create Don’t Hate lllustrations for Instagram New York. 

    Client: Instagram 
    Art direction: Leo Natsume 
    2D & 3D Illustration: Leo Natsume

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  • "Create Don't Hate" is a message of empowerment from the community, and reminder that Instagram wants to be a safe and supportive place for everyone. The posters are being distributed in all US schools, and they are also in every instagram office around the world. I created some 2D concepts to validate the ideas and the Design Thinking process. Then I did the modeling and work in 3d.

  • 01
    Show to someone they aren't alone.

  • 02
    Spreading Love into Real World.

  • 03
    Kindness is free and something we all can give.

  • Instagram are launching the global sticker to help people reject bullying on their accounts, and embrace positivity.
    I have done many studies with various conceptual approaches. After choosing the best ones, I made perfecting until I reached the definitive form: with open mouth speaking, with hearts around.
    The sticker was inspired by a teen-led bullying prevention design workshop, held in partnership with PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America .

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