• Cyclopure
    WordPress custom theme development for a Four Fin Creative customer

    Cyclopure is a unique, Illinois-based startup that created a low-cost method of testing for microscopic contaminants in your tap water. In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic that's used to package bottled water — and also dumped in our waterways and oceans — the company is working on a filtration system that uses a unique chemical trap made from corn.

    Cyclopure partnered with our friends and colleagues at Four Fin Creative to successfully complete Four Fin's Brand Camp experience, turning a home-grown logo into a dynamic, colorful, engaging brand personality. Four Fin developed layouts for the visual look of the website, and Honest Code made them a reality — creating a WordPress-based website that the customer could edit and update themselves.

    In addition to brochureware, Honest Code developed a reporting system where the customer could enter the results of their testing to show their customers in an on-brand, easy-to-understand format.

    Cyclopure launched in time for a major product announcement, and are currently offering their water test kits for sale on the site.