Coolors Hairstylist - Brand Identity - Naming

  • Coolors Hairstylist / Cool Colors
    Coolors is a unisex hairdresser located in the center of Gurb (Barcelona) a wide space where you can relax, have your hair cut or have your nails done. Modern, daring, different and with the best professionals at your service. The corporate identity has focused on the power of typography, a direct and clear message mixing the word "Cool" + "Colors" = Coolors where it refers to everything related in the world of the cool stylists, the fashion, the colors or the hairdressing salon in general.

    Art Director & Graphic Design — Xavier Esclusa Trias
    Interior Design  Sandra Soler Studio​​​​​​​
    Motion Graphics - Elf Pla
    Motion Graphics - Xavier Guinot
    Photo — Ivan Raga

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