• Cascatel locates in the central urban district 1, HCM city. The space furniture is inspired by model aircraft cabin - small but delicate. Cascatel not only provides convenience but also satisfies almost the requirement of “a modern customer”. The space room is designed in “space-saving” style integrated with multi-functional advanced technology; The main deep tone alternated with bright elegant tone color evokes an airy, open and warm space, mixed with a familiar feeling. Cascatel’s furniture was completely invested in sophisticated and modern equipment which made customers have to say: “This place has all that I need”.
    We develop the visual identity system in the domed structure of Cascatel in order to flexible broaden space in a smart way and can be applied in every Cascatel’s illustration factor, such as Directional signage, stationery. Therefore, it always makes you feel an open, welcoming atmosphere and fully furnished - appropriate with trending of young modern people and active travelers.​​​​​​​