• Client: SINCER   ••• Online Store •••
    Time: 2018/6 - 2018/12
    Design Team: CH-LAB
    Creative Director: Hengchong Yu
    Project Director: Ye Yang
    Creative & Planning: Ye Yang / Wenting Ye
    Designer: Wenting Ye


    行舍 SINCER,2013年创立于嘉兴,是由几位媒体人与知名制造企业联合创立的原创箱包品牌。

    创立于2013年自带文化基因的行舍,目前已成为国产中高端箱包品牌的一个代表。2018年年初,CH-LAB 开始参与行舍 SINCER 整体品牌升级以及品牌梳理,从线上至线下为行舍提供完整的品牌策略、创新及相关设计服务。

    SINCER is an original-design suitcase brand founded in Jiaxing, China in 2013. It has already become an iconic brand among high-end suitcase brands made in China. Our work started in early 2018, part of it consisted of providing brand strategy, creating and upgrading visuals that are now used in their products, marketing materials and online shop.

  • 01 / Frame System


    We used trace mark as a basic shape to create a container for visual designs.

  • 02 / Symbol System


    We created a symbol system for SINCER. The inspiration was found in some old shop signs.

  • 03 / Online Store

    We also redesigned SINCER's online shop.