Laying the Foundations

  • We wrote, designed, and
    self-published a 
    about design systems

    We wrote a book about design systems called Laying the Foundations. The book is packed full of experience and practical advice for creating, documenting, and maintaining design systems. Including advice for how design and engineering teams can work better together, an introduction to what design systems are, and how to get stakeholder buy-in at your company to work on a design system. The book is available in paperback and eBook.

    P.S. This is our first attempt at print design, so go easy on us ;)

  • Branding and design.

    The book brand features a simple yellow, black, and white colour scheme. Yellow because of its connections to the construction industry and building sites, which works well with the construction analogies used in the book; relating to building design systems and 'laying the foundations'. The shapes are a mixed bag of construction analogies; be it building blocks or the shapes of construction signs. And the monospace typeface is a contemporary play on the font used in construction signage.

  • We created a simple responsive website to promote and sell the book.

  • Learn more and buy the book at: