GIRLS, U ROCK! Festival

  • Brand building and complete visual identity design for the music festival

    Our proposal was based on creating a «Feminist Rock» festival with a rebellious, provocative tone, with a sense of humor and a point of irony.

    This is how GIRLS, U ROCK! was born, a festival that uses Rock as a tool to give visibility to female talent, both in the musical field and in the visual arts field, and contributes to a more equitable future in terms of visibility, projection and opportunities

    Lately, the concept has been "stigmatized" and «feminism» is thought to be synonymous with hatred of men; which is false. Therefore, in our festival the doors will be open to all types of audiences that empathize with our idea.

    The «Feminist Rock» Festival
    your brother-in-law will go to!



    • Support for new artistic talents of all kinds that embrace feminism in their works: urban art, photography, painting, literature, etc.

    • Novel bands contest to give the winner the opportunity to share the stage with one of the headliners participating in the festival.

    • Incubator Program that offers its winning classes aimed at the band project, master classes of outstanding professionals from the music industry, rehearsal room bonuses, recording of a model in a professional studio.

    • Cycles and conferences, exhibitions, cultural content projections, workshops...

    • Craft market, sale of art and design pieces, fanzines, etc.

  • AGENCY/STUDIO:  Tanto​​​​​​​
    ILLUSTRATION:  Julio Liarte, Scarlet Heath

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