Synchronize Fest 2019

  • Synchronize Fest 2019
  • We had awesome opportunity to team up with Motion House, to animate an opening sequence for Synchronize Fest 2019.

    This year Synchronize Fest take theme about environment. You might be planning to attend a festival this summer, chances are you will use plastic while you’re at the event. But have you ever asked yourself where those plastics end up after the festival? I am sure you don’t because it is easy to just forget about it as soon as you toss it in the trash. Because that's point Synchonize Fest want to support used less plastic and bring tumblr to drink at the event.

    The visual approach with 70s Pop Art and interpreting hybrid as psychedelic. Trying imagine if a part of nature such as plants, can communicate directly with humans and interact in harmony. Because nature bring positive feels and good vibes.

  • Logo Stage
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    Client : PT. Dyandra Promosindo
    Design : Dyandra Promosindo Team and Motion House Team
    Animation : Dwi Anom, Jek Priyanto, Afrizal Kurnia and Luthfi Nurhazami