PIMS — Sexy Tea

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    PIMS is a tea cafe with completely different tastes.
    This is a new place and community where no one is afraid to be themselves and do what they want. 

    First of all, let’s talk about the foundation. Our logo and characters are closely linked. 
    And besides the grown-up guys, we have little pims guys. But firstly about the main thing.

    Let’s get acquainted, guys!

  • PIMS is not just a tea, it is a drink that can interact with your mood and taste.
    All the ingredients are combined into a single flavor line thanks to the natural and natural base that the tea serves. Each taste category has its own character, which we have reflected in the menu.

  • PIMS it’s a brand, it’s a drink, it’s a fun guide to our world of tea drinks.
    We allow you not to be serious and give events their meaning. The PIMS community wants to bring together free and modern people who share common values.


    Сreative Director: Erik Musin
    Art Director: Aleksey Zadorozhnyi
    Illustration & Graphic Design: Elena Astakhova
    CGI & Motion Design: Timofei Popandopulo​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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