Trans Nordic Tours website and brand identity

  • A new website and brand identity for a leading B2B-tours specialist for Scandinavia and the Nordic and Baltic countries. Trans Nordic Tours aimed to make their logo & branding up to date. But at the same time their old symbol, the Viking boat, was an important thing to keep. Also, they needed both UX and UI audit for their website. We had to make the website more engaging, to improve the lead capture and allow the new leads to book tours in a simple and accessible way.

    Starting from the rebranding, we created a handcrafted wordmark inspired by Scandinavian runes and modernist typography. The brand guidelines created from scratch became a base for the future website. We aimed 
    to transmit the Scandinavian aesthetic and value of unique services that TNT provides to the market. The colors, iconography, and photos used in this B2B website’s UI transmit the professionalism and human-oriented approach of TNT’s team.

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