The Carbonation

  • Bubbles language
    Carbonation is an independent brand of fizzy cocktail mixers from Hong Kong. 
    We have developed it’s full brand identity with a strong focus on packaging: labels, boxes, sleeves and bottles. 

    Visual language of the identity is based on basic bubble shape that forms a whimsical secret alphabet to convey brand’s message of concealed local aesthetic and exclusivity. It is playful and eye catchy, yet mature and smart. Even the logo easily becomes part of artistic interplay as it follows round shape. 

    Bubble shape is also used for crafty die cuts that form another graphical layer to complement visual system. It serves as a centrepiece element for applications as bottle opener, business cards, coasters.

  • Within brand guideline we have created a bespoke alphabet set made of bubble with 7 different styles that can be mix and match on different mediums. 

  • Creative Director: Alice Mourou
    Art directors: Alice Mourou, Gus Cheung, Rosalie Chan
    Designers: Alan Wa Lun
    Motion: Nikita Shchukin, Casper Cheung
    Account management: Kirill Runkov
    Client: The Carbonation @thecarbonation