Wynwood Fox Beer

  • W   Y   N   W   O   O   D      F   O   X

    Creative concept and illustration for the new 16oz Imperial Red Ale beer from Wynwood Brewing located in Miami, Florida. Represent the identity of Wynwood through a graphic story, where the fox is included as an underground character of its picturesque streets.

    Wynwood is known for being the art district of Miami, its street art, galleries and venues are visited by thousands of tourists daily. The graphic concept developed aims to represent these streets from a top view, filling the spaces with Wynwood's own circumstances and characters, representing: diversity, art, music, nightlife, typical food, culture, sport.

    The fox, an animal that atypically appears in the streets of Wynwood according to the few who have seen it, is the conceptual anchor of the illustration and the element to be found within this colorful environment, full of places and famous Wynwood characters to recognize and comment while enjoying this beer.