• Is a place where the ethereal and the sublime blend together, a place for an exchange of energies amongst people and objects. It is a boutique where we discover and rediscover ourselves, where our senses light up in a unique mix of colors, textures, tastes, smells, and sounds. It is a selection of material visions; cosmopolitan, versatile and sophisticated, chosen with care and detail for unique people.

    Magic is the basis of IMOX, an alchemical space where objects are vital beings, full of experiences; perfect combinations that go beyond the logical to reach the essential.

  • IMOX’s design is inspired in that unique identity, sensible, surprising. A design of balances and tensions, of extremes that are enhanced and multiplied… of energies. A diverse identity, but a powerful one; a traveler, a citizen of the world, always wise and young. Experimentation and surprise are what characterizes this design that seeks to find that combination of harmonious contrasts.

    This brand a game of textures and colors, of light and matter in constant dialogue. A design plagued with symbolism and meanings, open to interpretation and to an encounter with those who look for it.

  • IMOX is a space that aims for a new era of design: a curatorship of objects with soul within a unique and inspiring aesthetic frame, one which enhances the experience by addressing all our senses to reach our very essence.

    Architecture and interior design: FMT Studio.
    Photography: Isabella Giussani, Cobalto es Azul y FMT Studio.