Promotional Mailings

  • Various Promotions for Anne Likes Red!®
  • Valentines Day promotion for Anne Likes Red, Inc. The package was a direct appeal for the recipient to spread some good cheer by writing postcards to retired military service members or sick children. The main card explained the concept for sending the enclosed postcards. Contact names and addresses, stickers, and postcard stamps were included. 
  • A client loved the idea so much, I was hired to create a variation for her.
  • Some fun buttons.
  • The top left card is a Thank You card to clients, partners, and friends. The remaining five cards were accompanied by blank envelopes all wrapped in a belly band.
  • A quarterly client mailing with a useful, 3-month, at-a-glance calendar on the back. Color-coordinating USPS stamps were selected for mailing. After receiving two of the cards, a client was inspired to initiate her own direct mail series, and I was hired to do it.