ATTACK ON TITAN - matte painting

  • ATTACK ON TITAN FINAL  - matte painting

    Three large scale matte paintings that i've created for ATTACK ON TITAN FINAL Exhibition in Tokyo.
    Thes environments are used as a prologue, middle segment and epilogue of motion projection, based on the famous manga that spanned to anime series, live action movies and became a pop culture icon.

    Client : 諌山 創・講談社 / 進撃の巨人展FINAL製作委員会

    Director : Daisuke Kobayashi ( DADADA WORKS.)

    Producers : Hisa Kasajima, Remy Busson, Martin Hovorka (Eallin Japan)
    CG Directors : Tatsumi Watanabe, Eiichiro Shimizu (Eallin Japan)
    CG Desighners : Masaki Aburakawa, Marie Kubo, Sonoka Kuroiwa, Mamoru Morimoto (Eallin Japan)
    Modeling&shader Artist : Hiroki Nara

    Matte Painter : Tomas Muller
    Illustrator : Ai Khono

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