• Flair Airlines ⁠— Rebranding

    Flair Airlines is an "Ultra low-cost carrier" in Canada. Since this category is not well known in Canada, our new brand needed to illustrate the idea of flying for less. We rebranded Flair as the plane & simple airline. Just like Flair’s business model, we stripped their brand back to basics. We made their logo a dot, because every great adventure starts with a dot on a map. We simplified their color palate to just black, white and green. We gave them a bold font, and a bold tone of voice to reinforce the no-nonsense brand identity.

    brand + digital design
    airline / corporate
    brand positioning + UX /UI design


    A refreshingly honest airline that is stylishly simple and affordable - so individuals can travel more. We know that the thing you want the most when you enter a plane is to come out of it. We designed a brand that goes straight to the point.

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    Flair Airlines - Rebrand

    Client: Flair Airlines
    Agency: Havas Canada / La Maison W Montréal

    Business lead: Alexandra Panousis
    Account direction: Gaelle Cayrol
    Project management: Helene Labreche
    Brand strategy: Carol Mok, Jarek Stelmach
    Social media strategy: Laetitia Prido, Andrea Viens
    Executive Creative Directors: Nikolaos Lerakis, Carle Coppens
    Creative direction: Ed Malyon
    Art direction & design: Luc Brissette, Alexandra Nolot, Virginie Malette, Maxime Brunelle,
    Brian Allen
    Copywriting: Ed Malyon, Adriana Palanca
    Media: Havas Media
    Making of video: Jan Birkenstock