Tu Eco Rebrand

  • Tu Eco Rebrand
  • Tu Eco is committed to empowering the Hispanic/Latino community in San Antonio, Texas through personal growth workshops, seminars and conferences in Spanish. Tu Eco sought a rebrand from a company that not only spoke Spanish — they needed to truly understand the hispanic/latino heritage. They reached out to us to help define their brand messaging, strategy and to create a brand identity design that was cohesive and truly aligned with the local community.
  • Our goal with the Tu Eco rebrand, was to capture the vibrant and energetic essence of the predominantly Mexican culture — without the cliche cultural misappropriation.
  • We defined their brand messaging along with strategies on how to connect with the local hispanic community at an emotional level. The end result, was a design inspired by the organic, yet structured forms of Aztec art — paired with a strategic use of color that enhanced the transformational experience that Tu Eco cultivates. Each design element had a pyramid reference that not only connected to the structures, it also indicated direction and growth.
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