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    Toronto, Ontario

    Shai Gil, James Brittain

  • Akb Architects is the award-winning, internationally acclaimed, Toronto-based architecture studio of Robert Kastelic and Kelly Buffey. Dedicated to the practice and art of building, their quest to capture the poetic and ineffable qualities of space is what drives and focuses the studio’s design process. The work of Akb Architects has been featured in numerous international publications, including Dezeen, Designlines, Atrium Magazine, and The Globe and Mail.
    Engaged by Akb, Vanderbrand developed and executed a comprehensive strategy that refocused the studio in a way that would enhance global brand recognition. Repositioning the studio formerly known as Atelier Kastelic Buffey as Akb Architects provided a modern naming solution that would better reflect their capabilities and purpose. The new brand identity and strategy establishes a sense of clarity, and allows for consistency across various platforms and scales; from digital design to environmental signage.

  • The brand identity for Akb Architects was thoughtfully devised to align with their minimalist ethos while echoing the humanist elements that strongly inform their work. The wordmark was strategically designed to exist both with and without ‘Architects’, allowing for brand activations across different scales and contexts. The refreshed brand is modern, human, and approachable. The typeface features a harmonious balance between strong, sharp strokes and natural, curving forms. The identity is paired with a minimal black and white colour palette which allows for the photography of their projects to stand at the forefront.
  • Designed as a digital portfolio through which to showcase their select work, Akb’s website acts as a vessel in which viewers are told a story through each project. Utilizing strategic pacing and editorial-style layouts, the vision for each project as imagined by Akb Architects comes through both visually and emotionally. Allowing these works to breathe life into a digital platform increases online engagement with visitors. The website gives Akb Architects a distinct voice, and extends their brand story through thoughtful curation and captivating photography.​​​​​​​
  • Much like the buildings and spaces that manifests from Akb’s design process, the print materials have a quiet simplicity that prioritizes functionality. The new brand identity is undated and as their projects grow and evolve, the brand will endure.